…The “Little Way” in Our Present Day…

The “Little Way” of St. Therese is a way of love. Therese’s way is not just a path for spiritual growth – it’s a way of responding to all the events in life with love, surrendering to God’s will, and responding to his grace. This “little way” is for myself daunting! What is a welcome comfort though, is that Therese wrote so openly of being imperfect, about her own human struggles and difficulties, her weaknesses and her sensitivity. One thing she was certain of was that God’s Mercy would go with her on her journey…

To be continued….

Introductory Notes

I wanted to launch this site when I’d completed most of the menu topics. Since like you I’m staying indoors due to the present sufferings I’ve decided to launch it now. Please be patient with me as I write, edit, and update the content. Perhaps as I receive your comments and requests the site will change and unfold like the pages of a book…

I love to read and write it’s something my father encouraged me to do from a very young age. I love poetry, and love studying the spiritual mystics such as St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and of course St. Therese of Lisieux.

My personal devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux came unexpectedly and at a time in my life when I needed courage, perseverance, and strength. Her tenacity and “Little Way” would later become for me, an inspiration on my own journey – an arduous journey for sure!

I enjoy reading and writing and have collected lots of poems, quotes, and scribbles in my books. If you’re like me, you hope one day to bring all those little nuggets of gold you’ve collected over the years into one place. This is the place I have decided to share my little writings for you my readers, my family, my children, and my grandchildren.


My goal is to keep this site simple. To that end I will endeavor to keep it from being cluttered with advertisements, links, and the like. There are so many spiritual books and writings out there it can become overwhelming to know what or who to read.

My personal journey has led me to Carmelite spirituality and writings. So I will only list books that I have read or referenced or ones I have found helpful. I’ll try to add some notes for further study so if you enjoy reading a post and want to delve further into a topic you’ll have some suggestions. Of course if you would like to share your favorite book, as we journey together, please feel free to contact me.

The menu pages will cover the main focus of this site : death, dying, and bereavement topics with references for further information.

The general posts will be a tapestry but with a certain thread, purpose, and meditation. I do not intend to write long meandering posts, though that just may happen if it’s a favorite topic!

Thank you for stopping by and journeying with me. Loss has been part of my journey…and I’m sure if you came to this site and read past the introduction it has been a part, or will one day…inevitably be a part of yours.

I hope this site in some small way will help bring you comfort and hope…always hope.

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