– If You Are in the Hospital –

How can I receive Communion when I’m in the hospital?

If you’re a practicing Catholic and wish to receive communion contact your Parish priest or Deacon. If you or your family are unable to contact your priest please ask for the Chaplain on call to help you. Chaplains work with people of all faiths and will be able to check resources for Catholic priests visiting the hospital.

What if I have been away from the Church and feel the need to return?

As a loving Father God wants to hold us in his arms. He wants to surround us with his love and care. When we stray he’ll keep looking for us until we’re found. He’s already there… with open arms to welcome us. Contact a local Catholic Parish and ask for a priest to guide you in returning to the Church.

What about the current virus and Communion?

I would never have imagined our beloved Churches not gathering for mass but we must follow our local bishops during this present time. What is most important is that we continue to pray and support our priests as they struggle to navigate the current events.

Act of Contrition

Forgive me my sins, O Lord,
forgive me my sins;
the sins of my youth,
the sins of my age,
the sins of my soul,
the sins of my body;
my idle sins,
my serious voluntary sins;
the sins I know,
the sins I do not know;
the sins I have concealed for so long,
and which are now hidden from my memory.

I am truly sorry for every sin, mortal and venial,
for all the sins of my childhood up to the present hour.

I know my sins have wounded Thy Tender Heart,
O My Savior, let me be freed from the bonds of evil through
the most bitter Passion of My Redeemer.


O My Jesus, forget and forgive what I have been.


Spiritual Communion Prayer

My Jesus, 
I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 
I love You above all things, 
and I desire to receive You into my soul. 
Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, 
come at least spiritually into my heart. 
I embrace You as if You were already there 
and unite myself wholly to You. 
Never permit me to be separated from You.