Hope of The Sick

The Feast of St. Joseph

This morning, I looked out from our back porch and there was a thick fog covering the view. It was a surprise because I did not expect to see this! Trying to see through the dense fog was quite impossible. I could only see a little way…and then the view faded. Sometimes in life – especially when we are sick, caring for someone or grieving a loss – it’s hard to see or even think beyond our present circumstances. Our view can become clouded and uncertain.

Our Church, family, and friends can offer support in helping us to navigate these difficult times. Prayers and spiritual reading can offer comfort and encouragement. However, it is important to seek professional help when needed.

Today I would like to share a beautiful prayer to St.Joseph.

Hope of the Sick

Benevolent Joseph,
the Son of God placed his life in your hands.
With the Virgin Mary, our Blessed Mother,
you cared for the Child Jesus,
who is the force of life in our world.
May your compassion embrace our fragility
and bring us the comfort of the divine presence.
Loving Saint Joseph,
we join with you in prayer by crying out:
Lord Jesus, Son of the Living God,
say a word for our healing!
Make us sensitive to the illnesses
of those closest to us.
Support us in our efforts
to care for our sick brothers and sisters.
Give us courage in the fight against all evil.
Help us to find meaning
in God’s great project for humanity
beyond the sickness and suffering that blind us.
May the Love of God be with us,
because our only hope is with Him.
We make this prayer
through the intercession of Saint Joseph
to Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior. Amen.
Saint Joseph, Hope of the Sick, pray for us!

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